Q. What is the advantage of your company being able to offer a variety of construction services?
A. We can most likely reduce the cost of your project by eliminating the middle man and give you more for less.

Q. If I wanted to convert my existing basement or finished basement, could your company remodel this space into a liveable area?
A. Yes, we have the ability to create the perfect 'get-away' basement of your dreams suited to your tastes and comfort.

Q. If I want to have a pool installed, can I have other features such as lighting installed?
A. Of course you can. There are a variety of weather proof lights that can be installed.

Q. Do you do other construction projects as well?
A. Yes, we can help you with any of your remodeling projects as well as new home construction. Remodeling and new home construction is the perfect time to add an in-ground pool.

Q. What's the most common sized pools?
A. 16x32 - 18x36 - 20x40 - But there is an unlimited amount of options to customize your pool. Contact us for more options.

Q. Are there any environmental upgrades?
A. With today's technology we can offer heat pumps for the water heater. We can also use salt instead of chlorine. With the installation of an auto pool cover, it will save money and energy. There are many other options available as well which we would be glad to discuss with you.

Q. Who takes care of permits and approval?
A. We will take care of everything from DEQ to building inspections. Everything will be up to standard and beyond.

Q. Can I build a house and pool at the same time?
A. Certianly we can handle both and with over 20 years working in the construction field, we have contracters that are very reliable and do excellent work!

Q. Can you fix existing pools?
A. In most cases, we can repair everything with fresh upgrades and the newest equipment